Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday, and art is happening

My Lady and I are heading to the The Walker today for a talk at 3, and a possible show tonight around 6 or something... For my Brit (hell, Yank) friends that don't know what the Walker is... It's a really great museum (gallery to my Brit readers) in Minneapolis... It's all about modern/conceptual/and actual GOOD contemporary art. My Lady and I have just joined the membership, and are going to start taking advantage of living really close to a great place for Art!

Last night, My Lady and I spent time at Kieran's Irish Pub enjoying music from "Bedlam" and having a few pints of the magic brew.... The entertainment was great, and the chicken fingers and chips (fries) that we had are second to none. As Fiona says, "It's great to have a chip that was actually once a potato." My Brit readers will probably understand that sentence more than my Yank ones... But I agree with Fi. After two years of trying to choke down what the Brit's consider to be a "chip" at the various fish and chip shops... I honestly wonder if a "chip" had ever even been CLOSE to a potato, once upon a time... Gah...

Anyhoo... I'm taking today off of working on Web-design... I've been immersed in Cascading Style Sheets and dhtml, and gods KNOW what else for the past four days... And I'm tired! Gah! (N8... I don't understand! No... I do... And it's starting to scare me.)

I've also just joined "Skype" and I'm hoping that other friends from "across the pond" will ALSO do so, as if you have broadband, we can talk for FREE on the internet! How cool is THAT? Get Skype, get a user name (mine's "Tuckmac" which should be obvious) and let's start TALKING!

Okay... I'm off, readers... Have a great weekend!