Thursday, January 19, 2006

Er, well... Hmm... Okay.

Hi folks, I know that yesterday I promised a "political-rant" but...

I also realised today, that if I don't do the rant when my "dander's up" then, I just lose the ability to write about it at all.

I was upset yesterday, but I've calmed down today.

Mick's probably laughing at me. ;-)

Anyhoo... To fill the void, I found two things that made me "happy" to post. Surprise, surprise.

The first is a cool article about a new "ION-DRIVE." thinggy! How freaking cool is this? The fact that it's at LEAST 10 years in the future, hell... What's 10 years? (article).

And the second thing is an "art project" based in New York. I was just really caught-up in the idea, and had a fun time reading and viewing all the results of the project. First... Yes, it's pretty conceptual. Second, there's bound to be people who don't think it's art. Third, it leans toward the frivolous. But... I like it. And I have a feeling that whether or not you think it's art you may enjoy it too! The Bubble Project. Just click on the bubble when it comes up.

That's it for today, folks... Like I said: Perhaps having a happy post once and a while won't ruin my reputation as a "rabble-rouser." It doesn't does it?

Oh... One more question for all my readers. I'm still stymied on the "job-search" thing. I've sent out more resumes (C.V.'s) today, and I'm still awaiting news on the other ones... But... Look... I'm not really getting anywhere.

So... If you have a weird idea... Anything... Out-side the box, or in, that you think I should think about, please send me a comment with your idea. Anything is allowed... Whether or not I take you up on the idea is entirely up to me... But I promise I won't ignore ANY idea, and will consider even the most bizarre notions. Dorsey, your idea is already in the works, so no more "writing" ideas from you! ;-) To everyone out there: Thanks folks!

-- Tuckmac