Monday, January 23, 2006

It's a Monday... And I am thinking...

"Monday, monday... ACK, aghhhh, cack, gagls..."
--Dennis Leary, impersonating Mama Cass dying.

Anyhoo... I really don't like Mondays. Up early with Memnon, as we're not sure whether or not he would be very good at dealing with my Mother leaving, and no one being around to keep him busy. He's a scamp... Always getting into things, and that's normal. We love him! He really enjoys having his last walk at 11:30 at night, which is a bit of a pain, but he makes it through the night without having accidents, so... We're willing. Enough about the dog.

I woke up worrying about something and read the BBC first with this story:
Ford to slash up to 30,000 jobs.

We have a big Ford plant in St. Paul that employs countless folk, and it's a big part of St. Paul's economy. Needless to say, the mayor of St. Paul, and even our annoying governor went to Detroit (the Ford headquarters) and tried to save the Ford plant in St. Paul. Luckily...

Ford Cutting up to 30,000 Jobs (In the Star and Sickle) Let me know that the plant is NOT one of the 14 that Ford is closing! Thank the gods.

Why do I care?

It's the economy, stupid. Should sum up my concern.

So... "Good news" for the Twin Cities, and various Ford employees in St. Paul. Bad news for countless OTHER workers around the nation.

Now... Here's something that bugged me. Speaking of the Star and Sickle.... Hundreds of newspapers run editorials from both Liberal and Conservative authors. This is normal. But the Star and Sickle, seemed to deem it necessary to put in a "warning-rebuttal" paragraph above Al Gore's speech exerpt run in the Editorial Pages, you can read the excerpt of the speech, and see the "warning" here: LINK

I mean... For chrissake! It's an editorial! You don't have to put an "Editor's Note" about a freaking editorial! We all KNOW that it's going to be pro or con SOMETHING! Don't "Editor Note" the damn thing... As a newspaper, to remain fair and balanced (which is a joke, anyway, but...) all you have to do is run a "rebuttal" editorial when someone of equal weight WRITES ONE!


Fucking weirdos!

Blogs around the country/world got really involved in Al Gore's speech. Here's a great article about it:
Gore's accusations got the internet's attention.

The funny thing, is that it starts with the comment:
The big news on the blogs this week was the return of Al Gore. In a Monday speech the former vice president accused the current President Bush of breaking the law by authorizing warrantless wiretaps and called for a special prosecutor to look into "criminal issues." Inexplicably, the mainstream media felt this was not big news. The bloggers felt differently.

Um... I don't personally think that it WAS big news. I didn't talk about it on my blog until now. It's not because I didn't read the excerpt run in the Star and Sickle, I did. I just knew that it was Gore talking off his wooden head again.

Folks... Gore's a guy who lost a presidential race, 'cause Bush rigged the election. Of COURSE Gore's going to go against anything the current administration does... He should.

I'd be more impressed if Republican's got arsey about Bush.

Oh, wait! They ARE getting arsey!

Man, you have to start worrying about your approval ratings, as a president with conservatives starting to get uppity about you! Muahahahhahaha!

I like this quote from the above story:
Said David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union: "This is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of safeguarding the fundamental freedoms of all Americans so that future administrations do not interpret our laws in ways that pose constitutional concerns."

Chairman of the American Conservative Union!

Bushy... You are messed up!

Oh, and then there's THIS whole mess: Bush photos with Abramoff Oh... But Bushy's never even "Met Abramoff.?" My ARSE!

Whoops... Damn photographers!


Anyhoo... Enough fun for my day! Smiles!

-- Tuckmac