Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay, addendum today...

Wait a minute.

I found this "Piracy Calculator" on-line... Here

My number came up with $3453.77 USD for my computer, if the "bad-guys (or good-guys, depending on your motivation)" come after me.

The reason I'm a bit upset... Is that the calculator asks for all sorts of things, how many films, tv shows, etc... But then it asks for "total time in hours, minutes and seconds" of your music collection. Not total number of songs you've downloaded illegally... Just TOTAL AMOUNT OF MUSIC!

I have no movies, no films, no tv shows... All I have on my box is music.

And I'm a "pirate?"


There is nothing on my computer that I don't fucking OWN. Okay? I don't have a problem with people being chased after if they've actually downloaded shite without paying for it. However... All my music is burned from MY CD'S for which I paid the full price! Either that, or from iTunes music store, for which I've paid full price for music.

Somebody explain to me, how I'm a pirate? Seriously. I don't like this fucking label! I mean... If it's really illegal to have your own music collection on your computer... Then everyone with an iPod is a freaking pirate! How many of those babies did Apple sell last year? 10's of millions? How about interactive D.J.'s? They run all their shite off computers... How about, how about... Well, fricking EVERYONE!

So... Explanations? Anyone?