Thursday, August 02, 2007

35W Bridge in Minneapolis

Hi readers, well as far as we can tell, everyone that we know is okay. No news is good news in a tragedy like this.

Once My Lady and I discovered that we were both okay (as we weren't together) we started trying to get a hold of all of our friends and family. My Lady also works at the Soap Factory and her connection to that place is why I was freaked out.

Thanks to Google Maps I was able to recreate her route. She had just ridden underneath the bridge that collapsed at 6:05pm, 'cause she had to get home to walk our dog. If she hadn't needed to let him out to do his business, she may have been under that bridge when the incident occurred! Memnon may have saved her life, in his own "potty" way.

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My Lady's spent most of today trying to get a hold of her volunteers from the Soap Factory, and making sure that they're all okay too. Most of us ride our bikes, and most of us go under the 35W bridge every day. We're actually a bit confused as to how we're going to get to the Soap from now on!

For those whom have written, and called us... Thanks for your kind thoughts. We're all hoping and praying that everyone we know is alright, and we're also thinking of the families that have lost loved-ones in this horrible tragedy.


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