Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A really nice editorial

If you don't read it, you should start doing so. Especially if you're from the U.S.

"What is it," you ask?

The International Herald Tribune.

It's an international newspaper, started by the "New York Herald" to be a paper run from Paris. Through several years, buyouts and trades, the paper is now owned by the same company that owns the New York Times, but it retains it's individuality and verve.

The NY Times is a wonderful paper. However, for a truly 'global' perspective, there can be no better 'English-language' paper than the International Herald Tribune (IHT).

Okay, 'nough preamble... On with my commentary:

Today there was a fabulous editorial in the IHT... The British Way. This editorial was so biting against the United States, well... I just had to link to it, and draw you're attention to it's more salient points.
    "Yet even though British authorities had fortune on their side, their rapid and coordinated response still offers an example of how a liberal democracy can work to prevent and punish terrorism - without operating outside the law or sacrificing individual liberties."
It's the key: "without operating outside the law" bit that really resonates with me.

I mean, Scooter likes being outside the law and stuff, right? Yeah, I couldn't let the Scooter Libby/ Bush's butt-buddy, thing go without ONE snarky comment. However, many folks are writing better screeds against Bush than I. So... I'll keep on with my other topic.

The editorial in the IHT didn't let Britain off the hook when it comes to 'vaguely dodgy actions' in it's 28 day without charge law...
    "The British approach is not without its questionable features. Under a controversial legal change instituted after the 2005 bombings, police may hold a terrorist suspect for 28 days without issuing an indictment."
Oh... 28 whole days? Just how many years have the folks been held at Gitmo? FOUR PLUS YEARS??!?!?!?!?!!??

Anyhoo... The article does a wonderful job of summing up Britains "Liberal Democracy", it's toughness on Terror, whilst still KEEPING it's rights, responsibilties and freedoms, that America seems to have abandoned. The editorial mentions how a 'populous is being frightened with visions of the apocalypse' which immediately makes me think of Fox News for some reason...

I don't know.

People keep asking me why My Lady and I want to return to live in Britain. And it's hard, you know? I'm NOT anti-American. I love my country. I love the landscape, most of the people, and the fact that I can live in a really big flat and own my own car. But my country has turned against ME, not the other way around. I spent almost three years living in Europe, and during that time I also defended (rightly) my country against nay-sayers. I will continue (in the future) to defend my country against all comers. However, it's my COUNTRY that is making it hard to continue to do so.

The U.S. is a wonderful place for rich people. It's a grand place for elites. It's a super place for folks from families that have lived here for over a hundred years.

Is it so great for immigrants, poor people, workers, caretakers?

No. Not really. Not anymore.

I keep hoping that the climate of fear and terror doesn't destroy my country. However, it is.

Not 'cause crazy asshats are blowing stuff up, in my country. No. It's because my country has decided that in order to keep the Islamist Terrorists from 'winning' it must fight against them using THEIR methods: Torture, law-breaking and attacking the innocent.


I'm going to go sob now. Ta.

-- Tuckmac