Sunday, June 24, 2007

A great 'off the cuff' rant....

... Against Conservatives...

If you don't read it... You should. The Aristocrats is all about Liberal's having a good time... I found the site due to member: Blue Gal and, although I'm not an 'avid' reader... It's a place I check out once a week, and I suggest to all my readers, to do so as well...

I read this post, and chuckled. No, actually... I howled. This was SO much the same sort of conversation I have with my own family, that I was just tickled:

    here's a portion of an email exchange with a 'conservative' friend/family member:

    ...and I have to admit knowing how nuts you go over my conservative political position makes me snicker.

    I hate to deprive anyone of a snicker but your "conservative political position" does not make me nuts. other things that don't make me nuts: the shapes of clouds and the color of your shirt.
    ...'conservative' has evolved to be the most flexible word in any language, what's black today is tomorrow white. 'conservative' means smaller government that gets bigger every day, it means increased individual freedom under strict governmental control, it means firm respect for the Constitution while ignoring what it says, it means no foreign entanglements unless Republicans want to, and it means love for the rule of law, unless it gets in the way. it's a silly putty word whose definition is rightly, 'whatever gets us the power and money that we want right now'. for the last 6+ years the CPP has pretty much boiled down to whatever the Cheney/Bush corporate clan has wanted(with, just lately, the wonderfully delicious exception of immigration policy) and you will eventually discover that you have been used like a $3 whore. my job is to help lead you to that discovery sooner; to lessen your embarrassment. you're welcome.
I mean... Sandy Underpants... You're my hero!

It really explains the 'other half' as it were... Thank you! So go check out the The Aristocrats And while you're at it check out: Blue Gal, and... Um... Just READ stuff... Get in the know! For crying out loud!

-- Tuckmac