Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well, it's finally official - GOOD NEWS!

I've been unable to post about it ('cause it was rather un-official), till now, but I have wonderful news!

I've been working at the L.O.L.A.U. for about 10 months now, and the job THUS far has been wonderful and fun, and educational and well... Just fab. However, it's been only part-time.

I received yesterday, a letter extending my contract through June 2008. Full-time. For scads more money!


I'm like, a real adult, with like... A real adult's job, with like a real adult's PAY-CHEQUE, for the first time in my 34 years of life. I'm just giddy.

My Lady is still very happy at her job as the Volunteer Coordinator at the The Soap Factory, and like I mentioned in an earlier post... She's FINISHED at the "icky" Irish 'theme" Pub, and is now working at a GREAT pub, mentioned in my earlier post as well.

So... We're both pretty happy, and joyful.

On top of ALL of that... I'm having a good time doing some video-editing for the The Soap, My Lady and I are both playing more music... And all seems to be going nicely.

I'm going to enjoy this week, as long as the Karma doesn't slap me in the face!

Hope you're all well, readers... I know I am.

Smiles and Kittens,

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