Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday before Memorial Day

Greetings friends, it's the day before Memorial Day, in the States, and I suppose we should all reflect on the importance of our troops, and the sacrifices they've made for freedom and democracy...

...In a country whose government could give a RATS ARSE about them!

Sorry. I just get a little 'twitchy' when we approach one of those 'support the troops' days... You know... Memorial Day, V-day, Veteran's day... Fourth of July.

Like many 'bleeding-heart Liberals' I'm accused of NOT supporting the troops, and of being a 'loser' and a 'traitor to the nation' for asking (begging, praying and hoping) our troops to be brought out of the morass that is Iraq.

And what gets really upsetting, is that I actually do support the troops. The fact that I think the commander and chief of our troops is a big fucking arse-hole, doesn't mean that I don't support the men and women fighting in an unjust war, because of lies and proclamations of doom by liars and self-important fuck-budgies.

Our troops don't have a choice. They signed up for it. They're stuck there. Until we can get them the heck OUT of there... We have to support them.

It's NOT going to be another Vietnam folks. Yes... I'm old enough to remember the way the Vet's were treated. It was appalling, blaming the good men and women for something that our government did. I never, will never, and HAVE never thought that the troops were evil, or didn't deserve our respect and yes... Admiration, for their sacrifice and strength in the face of untold misery and pain and horror.

Don't forget our troops. Praise them. Fight for them.

Get them HOME.

Thanks veterans and current soldiers.

-- Tuckmac