Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well... Lot's o' excitement!

My Lady and I have been VERY busy... It's the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend. And My Lady and I are participating in this event.

That's right... If you live in the Twin Cities Metro Area, you should stop by. I'm not about to give the "internet" my address, so... If you want to come you could e-mail me at:

expat.squared "at" (replacing the space quote at unquote space with a @ symbol)

I'll 'vet' you, make sure you're not crazy, then tell you where I live. We'd love to have folks come through during the "Crawl."

Our flat's been turned into a mini gallery. It's funny... Friday night (last night) was the first night of the crawl, and we kept having people walk in, and say... "Okay, where's the art?"

My Lady and I began rolling our eyes, after we had heard that twice. I also started counting... We had 22 people come through... Five of 'em asked where the art was.



What do they MEAN where's the art??? The art is everywhere. My Lady and I are having to climb over furniture to get to bed, however, as we've put most of the flat's contents into the bedroom.

It's a bit tight.

But the REST of the flat actually DOES look a bit like a gallery. I'll be posting pictures tomorow... Well... Maybe later today. We'll see.

As to what we've got happening, artwise...

Video is being projected onto a big screen in the living room - My Lady's performance from last October.

Drawings on the hallway wall - Drawings of the "Women of Mass Distraction" a collection of ladies that MY Lady is basing her NEWEST performance upon. It's going to be good! Chapter one, (or the first performance of many) is occuring TONIGHT at our flat around 6:30pm! Whoo-hoo... We'll be videotaping it, for posterity.

And there's the representation of "The Iraqi Quagmire" on the floor, concept: My Lady and created by: US. It's pretty freaking cool. It's the one piece of art that really gets people to respond, and it's been in a good way! Wow.

Finally, there's MY big piece. How big? Four by Four by Eight FEET big - That's right... 128 CUBIC Feet of artwork by YOURS truly! I made a rather large installation for my photography.

(We're not sure what we're going to DO with the damn thing, once the crawl's over... Hmm... Anyone got a truck?)

But that's what's been happening.

Besides that... I've FINALLY been forced to switch to the "New Blogger." I actually TRIED to do so before, but it wouldn't let me. It's strange... I had given up on it entirely, and then it decides to 'force' me to change. What the? Och weeel... I'm on it now. I'm still not sure about it. It's hurt a whole bunch of my CSS and html that I had... It says that certain "tags aren't allowed" or some such bollocks. WELL... HOW AM I MEANT TO KEEP MY BLOG LOOKING GOOD????


Anyhoo... I'm off... Tonnes to do, before the crawl starts again today at 2pm.


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