Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy #2 - Tuckmac

It's the hypocrisy of it...

Honestly, I am just sort of annoyed by the whole thing.

I realise that our country has always been "Christian," like most of Europe, due to our founders. However... I just can't get over this issue.

Certain "Right-wing Bloggers" have taken the piss out of us "Liberal-godless-heathens" over the blogswarm against theocracy. Saying that this is all about 'stopping god-fearing Christians from showing their faith in public' or some such crap. (I'm not actually 'linking' to the guy, as I don't want his stats to raise any further than they probably are due to his equally annoying readership.)

Their argument is that all we're interested in doing is 'removing their right' of professing their faith in a public context.

The 'hypocrisy' of which I began my post today, is that I live in the Twin Cities, where we've recently been faced with the "Six Imams" that were kicked off an American Airline's flight for praying at the airline gate, and acting a bit strange on the plane. (They were also detained, and are now suing the airline and passengers responsible for their treatment).

Now... The "blogger" that I 'did not link to" above, kvetched about the right of "True Christian's to be themselves in public" and frankly... He probably would have been the FIRST person to raise "hell" about Muslims praying in an airport.

See... It's the 'unfairness' of it all.

If "Christians" are allowed to be "Christian" in public... Shouldn't Muslim's ALSO be able to be "Muslim" in public?

Is it fair that America's "Wall Street" closes down on 'Good Friday' when it doesn't close down during Ramadan?

See... That's the deal.

If we TRULY want to have religious freedom in the United States... Then, frankly, we must STOP having "Christian" holidays, if we do NOT have Muslim holidays, or Jewish holidays, or Hindu holidays OFF the same as we do for the Christians.

Wouldn't it be SO much better to just "chuck the whole thing" entirely, and STOP with the whole "religious" holiday entirely?

Again... Religion in the home... NO overt religion in public... And our country would be SO MUCH better...

-- Tuckmac