Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okay... Two parter...

I have two very important things to 'speak' about today... One's sort of an advert for an upcoming "Blogswarm".* You'll notice a new poster-link thing in my sidebar about it, but I thought I'd throw up a quick MAIN posting about it. I learned of this upcoming blogswarm from Blue Gal and she and others are the ringleaders I suppose you could say.

The idea, is to blog against theocracy (Church and State diddling each-other in the back room, whilst no one is looking... Or, actually... Whilst EVERYone is looking) during the "Easter Weekend" of April 6-8th, 2007. I'm sure all of my Yankee readers have noticed a certain um... "swing" in Christian-based lobbying of our government, lately. And for my Brit readers... You all have been making fun of how "religious" the Yanks are for a while now.

Click on the image, to learn more.

Tengrain of Mock, Paper, Scissors - logo design

I'll be partaking of this little bit o' fun, m'self.

End plug...

What I really needed to talk about today, was a rather scary statistic that I heard on Talk of the Nation, on Nat'l Public Radio yesterday... It was a quick blub, but basically...

Only 19% of people polled in an unofficial poll done by a reporter in New York, knew about the Alberto Gonzales US Attorney General Office's latest oops, in the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys.

And many of those 19% of unofficial polled folks didn't actually care!

I was appalled.

Many of the interviewed people, didn't even know... WHO ALBERTO GONZALES IS!!!!!!


I know from living in Britain, that the Brits have a very low expectation when it comes to the idea of an informed citizenry of the United States of America. It took two years of me living in Canterbury, to disabuse my friendly Brits of the fact that I was an idiot. They sort of just assumed I was, 'cause I was a Yank. I spent quite a bit of time convincing Brits that most Americans weren't stupid, or uninformed, or useless.

And, well... I was wrong. Obviously Americans ARE uninformed, useless, ignorant people, wandering through life completely oblivious to the destruction of the planet happening around them.


Well... Sorry Brits. I steered you wrong! And to those Yankees that read my blog, and well... THE NEWS occasionally... Obviously you do not fit into this category of being ignorant. However... You are a VERY small minority.

Scary, innit?


-- Tuckmac

*I made the link, 'cause it was a term that I personally hadn't really heard/used/thought of before. But I sort of figured it out by the context, and hey... I found that great link.