Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thank all the gods, it's finally over.

I realise that lately my blog's been all about the wacky snowy weather, and chances are, you're all as tired of my blogging about it, as I am about the damn weather itself!

Well. I'm Minnesotan. The weather features prominently in my psyche. Luckily, the storm seems to be over. Why luckily? Check out my expression in this photo:

Self Portrait with Snow

Seriously... I'm tired of all the damn snow. I'm a Minnesotan. I LOVE snow. But two storms in a week? No thanks. It took me three hours to dig out my car after this second storm, and then I had to drive down to Bloomington to dig my MOTHER'S house out of the storm... It's just a bit much.

Anyhoo... All is fine. The weather is finally clearing up, after dumping about 23 inches of snow since last Saturday. The sun is out, it's bright and sunny, and gorgeous. That is, if you like the rather uncomfortable -8°C (17°F) temps.

Och weel... Hopefully now that "March has come in like a lion" it'll go out like a lamb.

We'll see.

I'm off. I'm going to get out of the flat before I eat my own liver. And I love my liver... It helps to process all the damn alcohol that I consume.

Hope you're all well... Smiles and kittens,