Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moving is...

Hi readers... A very tired, sore, and (frankly) rather cranky Tuckmac, is your host for today.

We moved this weekend. Moved. MOOOO-VVV-EEE-DDDDDDDD, this past weekend.

I want to thank My Lady, for putting up with my, um, shortness, a few times this weekend. I also want to thank her for helping and being really supportive and organising-madly, and everything....

I want to thank my mother, for being SO delighted that we were finally moving out of her house, and also thank you for helping with the packing, moving and schlepping.

I finally want to thank my friend Brett, who kicked it in, and helped me move all of our crap from Bloomington to St. Paul. THANK YOU BRETT!!!

Now, a quick tour of our THEN empty-ish flat. (It's full now.) Once we get our sofa, and the art on the walls, we'll make MORE photos, sort of showing you all just how we live. 'Kay? Cool... Till then, the sort-of-kinda empty flat:

On one's left as you enter the flat, the living room.

On one's RIGHT as you enter the flat, the hall closet (closed) and the washer and dryer (in a small closet).

A view from the "studio" towards the kitchen/hallway. The loo is in that open door at the top-left.

A view of the studio-area. Nice brick/wood remnants, no?

You can view ALL of the silly photos of our "pre-move" in which I had already started moving stuff with my station-wagon/estate car, here:
Fotki Photo-hosting, NOT FLICKR, 'cause I've been DOING this for a long time, and FLICKR is new! Phbbt! or >:-P

That's right... By clicking the above link, you'll see such amazing NAFF photos, like the ceiling in our closet, and many more...

(Why do people get so weird about their new homes? I'm a photographer, and I actually made a picture of the ceiling in my bedroom's closet????!!!!)

Anyhoo... I wanted to thank folks for your comments in my last blog entry:
titled: Sorry.

Big Daddy Malcontent for explaining the weirdness that is the maths involved in Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions...

Lisa, Rock Abi, and N8ey for their supportive comments...

And to Blue Gal for absolutely destroying what little faith in the justice of the universe I had remaining in my soul, by informing me that Tucker Carlson, the biggest arse-sucker in the world actually DOES share a LEGAL first name with me. And he's SO much more famous than I am, the right-wing plonker! (All of this in response to a comment I left on HER blog about this POST. (I'm sure I'm meant to do a "trackback" thing, or something, but as I don't really know how to use that function, I'm hoping the link will do.))

Well... Those are the thanks, and the pics.

I'm off.

Tuckmac (The REAL Tucker, even if that plonker WAS born four years before me.)