Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Um... Okay...

Although Cope is all about the "Google Analytics" thing, I tend to enjoy StatCounter for all my web-tracking needs on this blog.

That being said, occasionally one gets surprised. I was taking a look at my "recently came from" Stats from my Statcounter, and... I was drawn to this entry:

B$ The Fantasy Blog Stock Market.

Um... First, I had no idea that there WAS such a thing. (Although, heck... I just played an on-line version of the British Football Fantasy Sport's League, and no... I'm not going to link to it, as I bombed rather horribly.)

Secondly, I'm rather surprised that I'm being "traded" as I don't remember signing up to be traded. Seriously. I don't think I did this. My questions are legion: 1. Are you allowed to "trade" blogs you don't actually run? 2. Did I do something in an altered state (which I admit, I've been known to do)? 3. Who's trading me, if I didn't actually do this in an altered state? 4. As I write this, I'm worth B$6,996.42, according to the "B$ stock-market," is this "good?" 5. Okay, so my questions aren't "legion" but... They're still questions.

I like the whole "B$" idea, as it resembled "B.S." which I am not going to translate, and really shouldn't have to.


I don't know... All I DO know, is THANKS to StatCounter for drawing my attention to my "value."


I think I'm going to go consume some arsenic. I've heard that it has similar chemical composition to LSD, and thus, is a rather 'interesting' way to go, if you ignore the horrific pain that's involved.

Or not.