Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day 02 of the last 730.

You guessed it, I'm just remarking on the fact that there's 728 days left with The Shrub in office. Notice that I'm on the countdown?

(Note to readers: How was that for a first sentence? Still on my resolution?)

Well, anyhoo... I apologise, and digress, and tend to wander about in some rather wordy and frightfully long verbal diarrhea of typing that I'm unable to break for some strange reason and I can't stop, I really can't, it's just going on and on and on and on...


It's been rather weird the last few days. Last Wednesday I did a "Linky Blog" and put a link to the BBC's Sex I.D. Test. And suddenly, my stats went crazy.

As I'm a rather dim person, I didn't really take the time to look and see why my stats jumped till today. I got added to some weird aggregator thinggummy. It's called "Buzzfeed" and I'm the 5th on this list thing. I can feel okay writing this "weird" thing, 'cause the link is to just that specific post, and I'm fairly certain that most of my "new hits" are just going to the Sex I.D. Test, and ignoring my other "rants" and "cheese-sandwiching" posts.

But it was cool.

So... If you ARE a new reader that found this rather bizarre collection of words on the internet, and you are coming back for more strangeness... Stay tuned... More to come, I promise.

Anyhoo... I'm off readers, it's 1:04am and I'm on my fourth Jameson's of the evening. Bed time is arriving rather abruptly.