Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I love Linky Day Wednesday, don't you?

Yeah, I know... I should talk about Christmas/Holiday stuff or something.

First, I received many wonderful gifts from My Lady and from parents, in-laws et al. I'm happy. But that's boring to write about in a blog.
So... Links:
  • Found this one on the City Pages Blotter, but it's worth spreading around. So... Peter Sellers and Kermit on the Muppet Show, a must view (if you have the bandwidth.)
  • The Daily Show, with John Stewart. Man... Here he is, making fun of the 2006 TIME Magazine's "Person of the year" and frankly... He says all the things that I wanted to say about how stupid the whole TIME magazine thing was... But he did it so much better than I would be able to do, so... I'll leave it there.
  • Bill Hicks, a comedian from a while back does a pretty good rant about the Religious Right, and the really freaky thing about this clip, is that he was talking about Reagan and Bush the FIRST, not our latest dildo in the White House. Gah. Why can't things get better once and a while? Huh?
  • Britain is just as weird as the United States, just in different ways. Strange Pets in Britain says it all... Weird brits...
  • Sticking with Britain for a minute... Okay, this was funny. Disturbing. But funny... Dumbest Call Centre Callers. A delightful romp throught some of the dimmest folk in Britain.
  • Finally, a wonderful, yet rather long test/survey I found on the BBC. The "Sex ID Test". Take this test when you have about 10 to 15 minutes. It tests for visual acuity, memory, spacial organisation, etc... And it tells you whether or not your brain is "female" or "male" in it's profile. For the record: I'm Here:

    So... I don't know how I feel about it. Obviously, I need to go home and talk with my wife about the fact that she married a woman trapped in a man's body. Of course... I sort of told her I was a bit "feminine" in my habits, thoughts, and feelings. So... It shouldn't be a surprise. I guess there's a reason I do the house-work and cooking a bit more than My Lady does. I wonder what HER score will be on this test? Edit 12/28/06 1:45pm:She got a "0" or completely "androgynous" were her words. As "Androgynous" means:
    I'm not so sure she's right. I mean... MENTALLY she's both/neither male nor female, but I'll attest to her rather obvious "Feminine Charms" any day! Hmm...
By the way, before I go... No, I'm not planning on having a "Linky Day Wednesday" be a real thing... Or anything. I just thought that sounded good for a title.

Have a good one!