Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hmm... Video, cheese and politics.

Is this some kind of hoax, or is it real?

'Cause if it's "real" then I'm really confused as to why we haven't seen MORE of this sort of thing. I mean... Wow.

Well, it's a nifty dream, anyhoo.

We went over to our friends' house two nights ago... They're living in the new "nifty" artist lofts that My Lady and I want to move into. The flats are GORGEOUS, if a bit industrial. All they really need to do (or all WE need to do if we get in there) is throw a few rugs down, and paint a few walls a different colour than white. But... Beyond that... They are really great flats.

Um... Yeah. Cheese-sandwich blog is done. Sorry.

I really have nothing else to say today, which is by FAR the worst thing a blogger can admit to in a blog.

I suppose I could talk about the bi-partisan report released yesterday telling us that the Iraq War is a quagmire. But I really have to sort of shrug my shoulders and say "duh." I mean... Didn't we already freaking KNOW that? I mean... Didn't we?

Jesus-cluny-frog. Bush said that some of the suggestions were "interesting" and basically danced around the fact that the so-called "Stay the course" standpoint of his administration was denounced as an idiocy by the bi-partisan report. (My words, not the report's words.)

Och weel... Another ream or three of paper that will go absolutely NO where till we get the fugger out of office in 2008.

Have a great one, readers... I will.

-- Tuckmac