Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Almost" the day after the elections

Edit Well, fugging BLOGGER was not working last night when I tried to upload this entry, so I'm uploading it now. Crud. Sorry folks.

And this one photo will sum it up for the Tuckmac...


Yeah. The round-up...

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty beat Democratic challenger Mike Hatch.
Democrat Amy Klobuchar beat Republican weenie Mark Kennedy for Senate
Dems took BOTH houses of the Minnesota congress. Dems took the House of Reps in the U.S. congress, and MAY get the Senate as well, after Virginia stops freaking that a Dem actually took a senate seat in their state, when they are so VERY Republican...

Bush is in trouble.

That being said. What we're also in for, in the States, is a lot of partisan grid-lock, and crap.

That being said, we're already seeing a bit of a change in our government... Due to the resignation of Donald "invade the rag-heads"* Rumsfled. (Note, the link is from a Cuban News website. Hee hee...) Real subtle, Bushie... Last week, Bush said that Rummy was a great guy, and would be with him for the rest of Bushie's term... And then the day after the Dems destroyed the competition in the U.S. election, we have a resignation. Interesting. Did Bushie ACTUALLY get the bleedin' fugging point??? Hmm...


To my British readers (and Yanks that don't watch T.V. or listen to the radio, or anything except read MY blog for their news):

Things are looking up. But, it's still a mess over here, and bound to be really interesting in the next couple of years. Well... At least I'm not going to be kicked out of the States for a while.

I'm gonna party. After work. I'm still here. Gah. Oh... Dumb "cheese-sandwich" sort of information... L.O.L.A.U. has given me a "work mobile phone" So... now I'm really caught in the web, that is L.O.L.A.U. But... it's a nifty Nextel i760 phone with a nifty "walkie-talkie" dohicky built-in. I'm chuffed. But also a bit freaked out. I mean... Now, work will have a leash connected to me at all times of the day and night... And weekends. And stuff. My friend Joann made "now you're one of us" noises at me in the hall today. And she's right. But... I also like the fact that I'm not feeling like the bastard-step-son of the I.T.S. department.

Weird. Anyhoo...

I'm off for the evening. Smiles and kittens!

-- Tuckmac

*Of COURSE I don't condone the use of bigoted slang for Muslim-peoples, that's simply my way of describing RUMMY'S feelings toward the people of the Middle-East, as his policies have shown. Man... You all should KNOW better!