Thursday, October 26, 2006

Plugging for ART!

Gentle readers, if any of you fine folk are in the Twin Cities this weekend (Saturday) I have a treat... My Lady is performing an original performance piece titled: Untitled 0.1, Saturday at 7:30pm at the Soap Factory in North-east Minneapolis. This performance is part of the Volunteer Biennial Exhibition.

Here's a great "teaser." Cinematography, by Me... Directed by and starring: Fiona.

Check it OUT:

Please come if you're able... A big audience will go a LONG way at proving to My Lady that Minneapolis is HOT for art, and that we'll be able to do art here, and make a living at it. By the way... The performance and exhibition is FREE! Come one, come all...


I'm begging you.


Here's a Map with MapQuest. Soap Factory Map