Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well, it's all over the place...

So, I'd better write about it.

I was reading my fave "Techdirt" pages, and saw this entry:
Techdirt: If Terrorists Could Please Tag Their Blog Posts 'Death To America', The US Government Would Appreciate It
from the and-post-pics-of-their-hideouts-on-flickr dept

Yep... My marvellous gov, is attmepting to "Data-mine" or, I like this term: "dataveillance" and find "terrorists" and Al Qaida members on the web, blogs and e-mails.


You know, it's funny... I have this horrific image in my head. It involves me sitting here at work (or occasionally at home) typing away on my blog, and having the jack-booted thugs suddenly BURST in, and take me away to get "water-boarded" in Jordan, or something.

So... To help my government find me...

I hate Bush.

Bush is shit.

Down with Bush.

Down with America.

Hell with America.

I hate Cheney.


Death to imperialists...


Yeah. How was that? Okay... Moving on...

My external hard drive died.

It's one of these:

My Lady and I BOTH have our lives on the bloody thing. It's a bit worse for My Lady, as she has a performance coming up at the end of this month, and three months of her work FOR THE PERFORMANCE is ON THAT DISK!


We've had a MARVELLOUS help from our friend N8 who has led me through "booting my computer as a single user" which means making my Mac into a Unix-box. That was interesting. If you're a "macuser" you would find it weird to see the screen come up with a "black screen/ white coded text" strange... I've disk warriored it... I've disk utilitied it... I've fsck-ed it.

I like that joke by the way...

"I'm fscked"

That's right... This blogger... A techno-phobe that I tend to be actually typed this:

sudo fsck_hfs -l /dev/disk1s6

I mean... WHAT THE?

Sad thing, is that after typing that I typed:

sudo fsck_hfs -y /dev/disk1s6


sudo fsck_hfs -r /dev/disk1s6

And none of it worked... It still says: Drive Gabriel is unable to be repaired.

I personally blame My Lady for "bad-lucking" the hard drive by naming it "Gabriel."

See... I've always had this thing about naming things with "demonic" sorts of names... My computer has been called "Beelzebub" to "Beelzebub A" and now I'm on "Beelzebub II" My iPod? "Beelipod" My wireless Airport name? "Lucifer" My network folder? "Screwtape" You get the idea...

But as soon as you name a computer-object something HOLY, it goes to shit.

So... Let that be a warning for you... Don't name your shit "good" names, or it'll break.

Bad names are safe.

Anyhoo... N8's going to try to "rape off" the information using his Linux Server this weekend, and hopefully we'll be able to save at least SOME of our information. Even if it doesn't... Doing something that sounds THAT deviant to the drive, makes me feel better about it. F-ing drive. F-ing LaCie!


So... Yeah. That's my life at the mo'.

Oh, and I'm getting a cold. I don't DO very well when I'm sick... So... Sorry if I cheese anyone off in the next week or so... But I can't help it.

Bush is evil... Bush is the devil... Down with Bush...

(Just making sure the "Dataveillance" finds me.

Nyaahhh-Nyeahh... Bush!

-- T