Saturday, September 23, 2006

"There ought to be a nation-wide culling!"

Greetings fine readers... Well, a few days ago, my partner and marvellous wife, My Lady went on a bit of a rant about Americans, and British, and other war-mongering governments. The rant ended with the above title which I have permission to use in my blog today.

I mean, a "culling?" Wow. And all of YOU people think that I am the raging Liberal!

Well, here's the thing that's been getting my dander up lately:

It's the fact that the Republicans have been using "Terrorism" as the rallying cry for the election-year hooha. Dems are trying to push "Iraq War Quagmire and Economy" right now. And the really frightening thing, is that after the episode I wrote about on Thursday: What Terrorists Want and the call-in comments in said show... The republicans are WINNING!

How, gods? HOW???? And today, in the NY Times... there's a great article, about the latest report of the National Intelligence Estimate, saying that we are LESS safe than we were before 9/11, not because of Al Qaeda, no... Because of the wrong-headed and stupid Iraq War!

Of course, all of our best Spy Agencies are wrong, 'cause Dubbya is right, earlier this month:
    "Documents released by the White House timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks emphasized the successes that the United States had made in dismantling the top tier of Al Qaeda.

    “Since the Sept. 11 attacks, America and its allies are safer, but we are not yet safe,” concludes one, a report titled “9/11 Five Years Later: Success and Challenges.” “We have done much to degrade Al Qaeda and its affiliates and to undercut the perceived legitimacy of terrorism.”"
    - From the above article.
I mean... I mean... Just how stupid does Dubbya think we are?

Oh, wait... Most American's are actually BUYING the "Fight them in Iraq, instead of here!" line that the Prez and his crony's are spouting. Ger...

It's not fair... It's NOT fair that my fellow country-folk are this incredibly silly! It's just not fair!

Folks... Terrorists are NOT a danger to the U. S. of A... Anymore than anyone else in the world. We have to stop fighting a small group of Islamic Nut-jobs with our military, and start fighting them through societal education. If we start helping the Muslim countries that are SPAWNING these terrorists, we will cut off the BODY from the head of Terrorists! Stop chasing pipe-dreams and old sick men hiding in caves, and start sending food and aid and help to poor Muslim-countries. And that's sending FOOD, not Starbucks or McDonalds... Just NORMAL food. See... We're already messing stuff up by having our culture encroaching upon theirs... They HATE that... But we're making it ten times WORSE by having troops in the Mid-East! DUH!


My Lady was right... A nation-wide culling may just be in order... Of course... The Conservatives would actually cull US FOLK, as opposed to us "culling" them.

Wait... They're already doing that too... What with cutting social programs... and...

Oh hell.... I quit for the day, readers... I'm going to go dunk my head!

-- Tuckmac