Friday, September 08, 2006

Well... Friday.

You know, the really strange thing about my new job at LOLAU, is that I have Fridays off.

Why is that weird, you ask?

'Cause it means that "TGIF" doesn't really work for me anymore, as now it's more like: "Thank gods it's Thursday" and "TGIT" looks vaguely icky, as an acronym.

You may wonder why I'm getting so weird about acronyms, lately... And frankly, I don't know. In today's Zit's the dad gets an EAR-full of acronyms... (Source: And I had a good chuckle.

Perhaps it's an "age thing" for me. I mean... I'm not like the "dad in Zits" or anything... I know what "PDA" stands for... I know what "LOL" means... And frankly... I think it's great stuff. A few days ago, in the blogosphere I came across an entry railing against the "text-ation" of the language... Twenty Major bitcin' bout "Home-schooling" And if you READ this little rant, perhaps you'll understand my rather wiggly feelings about "Txt-A-tion."

See... Back in the day, when I was teaching high school, I assigned a paper to my students every term. The results of this experience have left me scarred. I kid you not... The way the students would compose a "sentence" was truly appalling. You want an example, don't you? Let's see if I can remember a "doozy" for you.

"In the l8tr 1/2 of the 20th Cntry. Photography changed."

I kid you not... I went and FOUND that paper again, to make sure I had it correct.

There's all sorts of people (usually old) that rail against the "youth" and their abilities to converse to the larger society. And truly, this has been happening forever. The difference, was that before, kids would come up with new "terms" and sprinkle them throughout their speech. In TODAY'S era, however... Kids are not only speaking differently than us old folk, they're also beginning to change the entire language.

Bah, HUMbug, I say... Bring back essay tests, score them PROPERLY... Take points OFF for misspellings, and grammar issues! KICK THEM IN THE ASS!

Before we lose everything.

Thanks for reading my rant today... Have a great weekend.

-- Tuckmac