Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun with Bush... The man, not the dirty word...

Hello folks...

Well, Mr. Bush, the President of the United States through voting irregularities, is visiting my home-town today.

And, as I gaze upon stopped traffic due to his motorcade, and hundreds of protesters jamming up the city, I thought I'd throw up a few fun videos of Mr. Bush. My apologies to those of my readers with slow-connection Internet speeds... I'm afraid that today, that can't be helped. I DO, however, believe that the videos are well worth the wait.

The first, a vaguely SERIOUS video that was 'given' to me by a close friend whom must remain nameless, due to his rather conservative-workplace. Thanks friend... It's a doozy:
  • This goes out to the majority of Americans that STILL think that Saddam was involved in 9/11. Folks, your own pres. denies it! Bush now says...

  • And really, just for fun: Is Bush an Idiot? a delightful little video-montage of my leader's gifted speaking ability.
Well, readers... That's it for today, but I feel my job for this Tuesday is done.

Smiles, T