Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To the voters of Connecticut...

... I thank you!

Seriously, folks... Democrat Connecticut voters have spoken for ALL of America, when during the party primary voting, Democratic New-comerNed Lamont was elected to be the Democratic Senate Candidate for their state, replacing the three-decade-long-Dem. Joseph Lieberman.

Whilst it's true that Lamont's spin leaned toward blasting Lieberman's support for the Republican-President "Georgie Bushie Two..." There were a few other "talking points" that Lamont stood for, against Mr Lieberman.

Not only did Lieberman support the war in Iraq, and refuse to apologise about his error... He also supported the Republican "School Voucher" system that would take money away from state-run schools, and give it to private schools (many of whom are "religious institutions." Lieberman also was against Affirmative Action ('cause like, African-Americans seem to have exactly the same rights as us White folk (although, not quite in the South, or in voting, 'cause like, they aren't allowed to vote in many places, and the fact that they don't get into colleges, unless we MAKE the colleges accept them, and... I digress) You're right, Joe... Don't need Affirmative Action anymore. Right... Lieberman also supported government intervention into the whole Terri Schiavo debacle...

See... Joe kept saying he was a "moderate" and that he was trying to work with "both sides of the aisle" in the Senate. Joe... Working with 'both sides' is NOT a bad thing... But do you have to support the Republican's agenda so stringently? See... Being a moderate, and trying to make the government work, is a GOOD thing. However, what you're meant to be doing as a "moderate" is finding a middle ground. You are meant to find a way to COMPROMISE the two positions, conservative and liberal... And make a law that works for BOTH sides. Perhaps the law wouldn't be exactly the way either party wanted, but... You know... Compromise is compromise.

Joe, what YOU were doing was not compromising with the Republicans. Joe... You were supporting the Republicans. You didn't look to "message the bills" and insert a "Democratic padding" to the laws... You out and out pushed the Republican agenda.

That is not what Democrats want, Joe. That's why your own State has abandoned you, and has gone to Lamont.

Partisan politics is a tough road of which to walk in the middle. You tend to get squashed.

You were squashed. Suck it up, and go the f*ck away.


-- T