Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jesus-cluney Frog... Get...

OVER it...

You know... Just reading all the news reports from Europe about their "heat wave" and how people are dying again in France, etc... BBC News Link.

And the fact that temps are reaching to 95°F in some places...

Oh... Really??? Wow. And how London is suffering a heatwave of 89°F!!!

Saints and minister's defend us!


Here's a screen capture of MY weather in Minnesota:

From: My Cast.

I mean... No offense meant, my kind European friends... But...

It's a heckuva more miserable here. And no... I don't have air-conditioning. It's horrible in my house, thank you very much.



Get a cold drink, fill up the bathtub with cool water, turn on the radio, get a book... And sit it out. That's what I'm doing.