Monday, July 24, 2006

I like beating "main-stream" news...

In yesterday's post... I talked about how Microsoft just "ain't gonna" threaten Apple's iPod.

Today... Two more links about this... First the BBC news "talking" about the new Mp3 Player:

Microsoft's Zune

Then the "Wired" article about why it's gonna suck.

Microsoft IPod 'Killer' Is Doomed

I mean, seriously... If you read the "Wired" article, it explains it better than I would, so I'll just let it go there.

Finishing up my job today... That's right, I've been making photos of an exhibition for an artist's show that's being held in Minneapolis. I finished making the photos last week, but today I get to go to my "professional" little company, and get the stuff developed. I'm hoping it doesn't suck too badly. The artist wanted me to make 4X5 transparency's. It's been three years since I used FILM, I think it's been closer to SIX years since I actually took out my old view-camera, and tried to make large-format stuff... So, we'll see.

My Lady's been killing herself this weekend at her café job in a "department" store at the Mall of America. She enjoys the work, believe it or not... Likes the people, and has fun making fun of the customers... However... She did a double on Saturday working 11 hours... Worked a full eight yesterday... And today is working six hours (due to her having to leave early for...)

BETH ORTON TONIGHT!!!! AT FIRST AVE... Yayayayayyayayayay!

All right... I'm off.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

-- Tuckmac