Friday, July 21, 2006


You know... I've always hated the way certain bloggers/web-heads spell "kewl" online. I mean... Okay, "lol" for "Laugh out loud" makes sense. It shortens the phrase to a quickly typed three-letter sequence. However... Explain to me the whole "kewl" thing. Please, explain... It's the same number of letters, so you're not saving any time typing the damn thing... And it looks so stupid. It's sort of screaming, "Hey, I'm a moron that can't spell!"

Och weel...

After yesterday's long post, today is a short one...

My Lady and I were bought a prezzie... We were both complaining about how we both had really nice computers, but no hard-drive space... And so my mother, in her ultimate amazing wisdom... Bought us this:

La Cie 500 Gig hard drive.

Ain't she wonderful?

My own laptop's range is only 60 gigs... And before we got the external hard drive... I was down to only 4 gigs of space! Now... I have 22 gigs of free space on my drive... Muahahahahaha....

That's the problem of being an artist. Especially a "digital" artist, such as My Lady and myself. I have thousands of photos that I make every year... She works in Video and Sound work... Do you have any idea of how much space that takes up??? Gah!

So... Now we're both freed up a bit, and much better for it.

I hope everyone's well... We're in a pretty good mood today.