Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guess what?!?!?!?!?!

Well... Beyond ALL our expectations...

Fiona has received her Provisional Green-Card. That's right... She's ALL legal now. Six months before even our professional immigration attorney thought we'd get our interview... We had our interview, and My Lady has her "green-card!"

Our lawyer had told us that generally, the "easier" the interview, the "longer" the time it'll be before the application would be approved. He said that the more 'evil' the interviewer/interview, the faster it is to get approval.

We had a really 'easy' interview.

So... I was thinking, "crap."

However... Although it was 'easy' as interviews go... Our wonderful interviewer approved the application ON THE SPOT, and even gave Fi the "stamp" in her passport!

We're "married" and "legal" and Fi doesn't have to leave the country!

Both of us want to thank ALL of you that have been SO supportive to us, both over here and in Britain, and beyond. You've all been wonderful... Thank you, thank you... Thank you!

We're going to have a "Green-Card Party" as soon as the "actual" piece of plastic comes in the post... So... Stay tuned!

We love you all!

-- Tuckmac