Friday, July 07, 2006

Um... Yeah.

So... Like the last time I wrote, I did a nice little "linky" blog.

Today, it's all about the "cheese sandwich" sorts of things.

Okay... What's up in Tuckmac's life?

My Lady is working all the time, and since I'm still avidly persuing a career, I'm at home. What does that mean, you ask? It means I'm a "house-husband."

I hate to admit this, but I've always sort of WANTED to be a "house-husband." Oh, don't get me wrong, I can't bloody well wait till I get a job, and actually start helping to support our non-existent lifestyle. However, there's something really satisfying about waking up with My Lady, making sure she gets off to work okay, and then spending the rest of the day (when I'm not filling out applications, or sending C.V.'s all over the place) doing chores. You know... Watering the plants, occasionally mowing the lawn... Doing the dishes, planning dinner, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping, dusting... Etc.

Strange huh?

I'm not sure if I'd enjoy this job as much if I were a parent. You see... My Lady and I are waiting for quite a few years for that to happen. We want our lives to at least "sort of" settle down before we start popping out the bairns... However, at the moment... Without the encumbrances of children... Being a house-husband is actually okay.

Anyhoo... I've spent tonnes of time job-searching, and again... If anyone from the Twin Cities is reading this blog.... I'm really great at lots of stuff, so get in touch with me!

But beyond that, I'm pretty boring. Well... My Lady is on her way home soon, and I had better prepare a lunch for her. You know how they get when you don't feed 'em, right?

Smiles and Kittens...