Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hola mi amigos!

Hoy, estoy escribiando en Espanol, porque tengo cansado y snotty...

Sorry... I don't know the Spanish word for: Snotty.

So, I guess I'll stop writing in Spanish.

That's right friends... I'm ill. Oh... I'm a bit better today. Yesterday was the "typical day of the lurgies" as My Lady would say. I don't know about any of you, but when I get a cold, I typically have a progression of symptoms culminating in the "drowning in mucus" phase... Then the long slog back to health.

I started on Thursday (although, it may have been as early as Tuesday, but I thought it was just allergies.)... You know... The symptoms... Scratchy throat, blowing of the nose every hour... Sneezing... Then, instead of every hour... It becomes every half hour... Then every 15 minutes... Then every FIVE minutes... Finally... You just sort of hold the kleenex box below your nose, and let it drip... (Okay, that was kinda icky).. And exaggerated... But it's a close call.

Anyhoo... Then Thursday night into Friday morning, I didn't sleep. This is my least favourite part of being ill. I never sleep the first night. So...

Friday, I spent the day being not only ill, but also being very tired.

Last night (Fri night) my wonderful mother bought me some NyQuil (It's like Night Nurse, to my Brit-readers)and I slept like a baby.

So... Today, I'm finally coming OUT of it... I'm feeling a bit better... My nose is back to the "blow once an hour" thing... And the main "weird" symptom is the fact that I feel a bit tipsy... Strange floaty feelings in my head, and an issue with balance (which is probably due to my inner-ear being a bit messed up.) and the coughing... Which is due more to me being a smoker, than to the cold itself.

Well... I just relised that no one really cares about my "lurgies" and that I've probably just wasted everyone's time. Soorrrrry...

I'm off... Going to take a really hot shower, and hopefully clear out my sniffles.

Oh... Follow up on the post from YESTERDAY... I spoke about how I wasn't going to hold my breath for the "Community College" gig. Well... It's now official. I did not get the job. Just got the "let down letter" in the post yesterday. Crud. So... Please KEEP me in your thoughts, as I continue my long hard slog through the job-postings and internet search engines. Thanks!

Have a great one!