Saturday, June 10, 2006

Okay... Okay... Stop harping on Gay marriage...


But seriously... This link has been up since October of 2002. I hadn't seen it till recently... And it's unfortunately STILL relevant today.

Letter to Dr. Laura (who's Doctor Laura?)

Ger... But anyhoo... The letter writer is my own personal hero... Tee hee... I've usually tried to use the "Other stuff in the Bible that our society ignores, nowadays..." thing... But it never really seems to sink in, to the bloody religious-right! Gah! Well... We'll keep trying, right?

Another "Bush-bashing" site with funny cartoon-esque things:


I love the funnies... I really, really, do.

Okay... So... An "art-site" being true that I'm actually an artist, and not a real political commentator?

Salvador Dali (dot) org is a great site, in several languages. I enjoyed the art work, and I'm sure most of you will too. The guy had an interesting brain.

And because you've all been getting off easy, with me not "Star-Trekking" on you'all... I just had to throw this in: Vaudville Picard. I don't really know where this came from... But I loved it.

Okay, folks... I'm off for the day. Have a good weekend.

-- Tuckmac