Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hmm... How's about some links???

My Lady got me into a little program (addition) to the Firefox browser. Called... Stumble Upon. And the bloody thing is VERY addictive! I web-surfed for like, two hours today! Gah! Och weel... It was fun, compared to my late-morning/early afternoon trip to the Mall of America turning in applications for various and sundry places...

I f-ing HATE job-searching! Gah!

Anyhoo... Back to the happiness that is Stumble Upon...

You basically "check-mark" various 'catagories' of interests, and then the Stumble Upon program will "ramdomly" bring you to sites that match your interests! It's just REALLY cool. Okay... So I'm a dork. But here's a few things I found today using it:

Make you're OWN ASCII-Picture! asciiomatic

14 Signs of Fascism - Flash movie. This one's been around for a while, but as a "Bushie-basher" I feel it's part of my job to make sure people see stuff like this!

And finally (for today anyway) The difference between men and women... EXPLAINED!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!