Friday, June 02, 2006

Wow... London seems a bit chilly.

Okay, so... I log onto my "Google Home-page thinggy" this morning.

One of the "widgets" is a weather forecast. I have a listing for London, Minneapolis and Edinburgh. Being the three places that I tend to be most interested in, you know... "Weather-wise."

Anyhoo... Check out how HORRIBLE the summers are in London:

Sort of makes me glad to be back in Minnesota.

Okay, I know it was just a glitch, but... I thought it was quite the "funny" glitch. So... I hope all my friends that live in London are doing okay, and keeping warm. Muahahahahaha.

Anyhoo... Trolling the internet, is always a fun thing... Check out THIS article, about on-line sex:

Sex Trumps Game from Wired News. You know... I think it's rather interesting... My friend Matt and I were OLD timers on the internet. You know... The 2400 baud modem, and things like ISCA. (If you don't know what that is, don't worry... It's just OLD pre-web stuff.) Anyhoo... Although I've been on the internet for a LONG time... There's a few things with which I've never really become involved. Chat, is not something I do often... Nor on-line gaming, nor trolling for porn. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with any of those things. On the contrary, I believe that there's a place for EVERYTHING on the internet, and I'm happy that people are participating.

I'll just stick with web-design and blogging, thank you very much.


Here's something that really gets me rather "hotted up," as they say in the South of England...

No Jail for US Army Dog Handler That's right... The guy gets off with some hard-labour, a dock in pay, and he's thrown back in rank. But no jail.

That's not really what cheeses me off though... What does is summed up in the final quote from the article:
    No senior officers have so far been convicted for the abuse at Abu Ghraib.

I mean... Really. You KNOW that the soldiers were ordered to do these horrific things... And yet... The soldiers are the ones paying for it, not the colonels or captains... Oh no... Can't bring up charges on the REAL culprits, now can we...


Just a bit of "cheese sandwich" today... Our puppy, Agamemnon, has had his life ended as a true "him" and is now a eunuch. Well... He's been neutered, anyway... And you have to see him:

The poor little guy... Anyhoo... He's half Border Collie, and half Newfoundland... And all energy! We're meant to "keep him quiet, and subdued" and... To be honest... That picture is the ONLY time he's laid down, in the past 24 hours! I usually describe him as a "really good dog, with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)." The vet said, "Just keep him calm."

Just keep him calm??????

Kee-rist! I mean... If it was THAT easy... I mean... They said, "Take away his toys, and keep telling him to lay down." Oh... Like THAT'S going to work! If you take away his toys (which we've done) all he does is find OTHER things to chase. Like his own tail... Like a feather from the down-stuffing of the couch in the living room... Like an imaginary bug (which I suppose could have been real, but I never actually saw what the heck he was chasing after.) I mean... GAH!

He's meant to keep "calm" for a week... And the cone has to stay on for a week... And he's not allowed outside (off the lead) or down in the basement (due to stairs) for a week...

He's going to go bleeding nuts... And SO AM I!!!!


Anyhoo... Wish both ME and the dog, good luck.