Friday, May 19, 2006

It's been an interesting day.

And it's not like the old curse: May you live in interesting times. No, rather it was a harmless, nice quiet and sunny day.

Oh, don't get me wrong. There were issues. I read the NY Times this morning, and spent at LEAST an hour being angry at my country, and fellow country people. I read internet stories about how the Twins Stadium has passed the conference committee in the Senate, and thus is that much closer to being a boondoggle to Hennepin (my) county. I read how my own senators (MP's sort of) buckled, and just let it happen... So, yeah, a few names that I WON'T be voting for come elections.

That's right. I live in Bloomington. I vote. Those who vote for the Twins Stadium will be on my personal "do not vote for" and "convince everyone I know not to vote for you" lists.

Anyhoo... Sorry, I digress:

Good things?

I mowed the lawn today. It's been a while since I've been able to mow due to the rather horrific "British Like" weather that we have had the past few weeks. So, it was really more of a safari through the Serengheti, rather than simply cutting the grass.

However, it now looks gorgeous, and I'm feeling pretty darn special.

Also... My Lady had to work at the Soap Factory today as an invigilator (or really, a door-guard person). And tonight, she's going out with other "Soap" folks to a party at a gallery somewhere in North East Minneapolis.

More power to her. Thank the GODS my wife is finding a social life. And I can be an old curmudgeon and read a book in my comfy chair tonight. Yay! What would that book BE, you ask???

Well... At 7:00pm tonight, I went to a local bookstore to hear a reading, and get a brand new book signed by one of my ALL TIME favourite authors, John Sanford. His new book: "Dead Watch" is out in hard-cover, and I now have a personal signed copy of this great book. I'll probably have the book finished by tomorrow morning. YAY!

And really quick, just two links today:
  • The new Apple computer commercials are hilarious. My Lady and I both enjoy these little jems, and... Well, check it out: Get A Mac Commercials
  • Captain Picard Blogs - Fictional blogs are quite fun, and as a bit of a trekker, I thought, heck...
That's it for today, so... I'm off.... Have a book to read. I hope you enjoy your weekend, fine readers.