Monday, May 01, 2006

Quick one...

Seriously... A "quick" one... "A cheese sandwich blog" today...

1. Here's me eating (drinking) lunch at my job (yeah, I do so in the car, so I can smoke five cigs/fags in my half hour.)

Mmmm... No-name SlimFast.

2. Fiona got a marvellous surprise in the post/mail today... HER WORK VISA! YAY! Now she can legally work in the U.S. Of course, now she has to try to find a job, gah...

3. My work is really boring, but it's better NOW, as we've moved on from Virginia to New Mexico, and it's a bit more fast paced. Thank the gods... I think I would've eaten my own face if I had to continue reading about "Money can't buy you happiness" one more frigging time!

4. My friend Brett (fellow photographer and Fulbright Grant guy) is engaged to his long-suffering girlfriend and fiber artist (also Fulbright bird) Anne.

Brett and Anne
Aren't they an awesome looking couple?

And that's it.... Lot's of news... And we're all happy.


Sorry 'bout this.... But just found the funniest thing (thanks City Pages Blotter) - THE ATHEIST'S NIGHTMARE - Video

Okay... Now that REALLY is it for today. Smiles, - T