Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hmm... Sunday Blog

Hi readers. I know that very few of you (if any) actually read my Blog on a Sunday. However, I also realise that my blogging is bound to be a bit sparse in the next few weeks, as this project that I'm working on is insane. I'm not going to kvetch any more about it... It's a job. I'm happy.

Anyhoo... To catch you up on the inane details of my life.

I work in Brooklyn Center which is on the other side of the Twin Cities from Bloomington. It's a haul, as they say... And the rush-hour traffic is horrific.

I did get a chance to go out and make some more photos yesterday... So... Make sure you check out my photo-blog in the next couple of weeks to see my newer pics... Tucker's Photo-Blog

Fiona worked very hard last week... At the The Soap and also on getting the newest programme of Motif Radio on-line. I wasn't really involved in any REAL production for this episode, but you can hear my "honeyed tones" reading several "bits" for the show. She's also been slaving away in the studio, and after a brief trip to the art-supply store yesterday, Fiona is now crafting a mould that she's going to use to make "telephone" thinggys... For an upcoming performance piece.

I've not worked on "art" much this week, due to the job, however... I am working on a piece for a new "art-magazine" created by a good artist and friend, Abi. (You can check out HER "web-presence" here)

Now for a funny picture... Fiona working in the studio (actually, it's in MY studio) on Motif Radio last weekend... Recording a typewriter noise:

Okay... Now for a bit of other fun stuff... (There's a bit of irony in that statement, by the way)

A long and drawn-out argument about the Twin-Cities' media outlets can be found here, written by Mike Mosedale. Good on you, Mike... Good on you.

Okay... So the problem with "Impeaching Bush" is this... Cheney's next. So, really... We have to impeach both Bush and Cheney... But then the Speaker of the House is put in charge. Hastert is as big an ass as both Bush and Cheney seem to be. Bloody hell... The U.S. is in serious trouble. But Damn do I love Vermont. I could actually move there, if it weren't so bloody far away from Minnesota. Nope... If the Republican's get back into office after BUSH, then Fi and I are moving back to Britain... Even if this A-hole is in office by then.

Gah... My entire world is falling apart!!! Gods... Please help us... PLEASE!

-- T