Thursday, March 30, 2006

Condie Threatens...

Sorry... I saw this picture, courtesy the BBC:

And the first thing that popped in my head for a caption was: Don't FUCK with the U S of A!

Perhaps I'm just a bit wrong. I don't know. Speaking of the sweet-thang Condie... Ha.

Here's an example of the world going wrong... Denmark can move the Little Mermaid statue to protect it from vandals. I mean... Who'd mess with the Little Mermaid? That's just wrong.

Caption Competition... Brown bores Clinton, news at Eleven.

Yeah, right. Come ON Britain... It's time to get rid of Tony, and put Brown on the throne!!! Brown... Brown, he's our man... If Brown can't do it... Then no self-respecting Labourite can! To be honest... Both my Lady, and myself are firm Brown Backers... But then, we're "Old Labour" and we realise that most folks in Britain are labouring (sorry) under the same issues that the U.S. is dealing with today... The former "Liberal" party being SO Centrist, that you can't tell the difference between a "liberal" and a "conservative" anymore. Och weel... Dae ken the night.

Speaking of the decline of Liberalism... Hello Big Brother.

Gah. Okay... If this post wasn't depressing enough for you... Reader... You are a severe mess.

Finally... Thank you City Pages Blotter for THIS link...
Global Politics in 30 Seconds