Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meh... Links day today, I think...

Hi folks.

Well, yesterday, we recovered from the "Manic-Tuesday" that comes twice a month with the release of Motif Radio. It goes up twice a month, and the day BEFORE the episode is uploaded is a busy one. Granted... Mainly for My Lady, who does all the sound engineering, and such... But since this last one was, as she called it: "Tuck's Baby" I did my share. Anyhoo... We spent Wednesday recovering. Gah.

My Lady had a meeting at the The Soap Factory yesterday. They were choosing studio spaces, and organising the volunteering. She's having fun.

I dropped off a cheque to the lawyer (for our immigration attorney) and spent time in two coffee shops trolling the internet, and generally wasting valuable time that I should have been using to write my "letter of application" to the two different colleges that I'm applying for at the moment. It's really hard to write those things, now... Just as I've written so many of the bloody buggers, and I've not heard BACK from any of the previous attempts... That tells me I'm writing them incorrectly. Ger... So... I'm sort of frozen in fear now, that I'll fuck THESE two apps up, and my options will be that much more limited.


Okay... Enough depression...

Links... I got 'em... You want 'em:

  • Found this one whilst reading the Star and Sickle this morning: The Internet archive... It's filled with pretty much EVERYTHING ON EARTH... Free... Downloadable... Exciting... Seriously... If you want a time waster, this is the site to spend some time trolling through.

  • I like the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. I really, really do. Did you know the guy can speak, like seven languages? Did you know that once he was ordained as the Archbishop of Canterbury (the 'leader' of the Anglican Church) he also became a Druid Priest? (That may be a myth, but My Lady swears to it.) Anyhoo... I LOVE this guy. If I were Christian, I'd become an Anglican, simply 'cause of him... Anyhoo... He says that teaching Creationism in schools is not a good thing. Bless him.

  • This has been around for a while... I first saw it over a year ago, whilst still living in Britain... However, if you've missed it till now... It's worth me putting it back up here! Carlton Draft, Big Ad

  • Speaking of great Aussie adds... Here's the add that has recently been banned in both Britain, and recently, in Canada. It's not banned here in the States... Probably, 'cause we think: "Where the bloody hell are you?" is a funny statement here in the States... But then, we also saw no problem with "Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me" whereas in Britain, it wasn't liked very much. Of course... We in the states, didn't really know that "Shagged = Fucked" but then, we're heathens. Anyhoo... Ha. Brilliant OZ! Way to go!

  • Final link for today... This is just brilliant... I keep looking for a good place that's FREE that allows you to show video on the web for free... Did I mention "free?" Well... I found THIS space:, and it seems to be a pretty good deal. You can't just use it for hosting something, and then have it show up elsewhere, but still... It's pretty cool. I may give it a shot. If one of YOU, my fine readers, has heard bad things about this site... Then leave a comment, and I'll revoke my "pretty cool" status.

Okay... I'm off. Have a good one, folks.