Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yesterday my computer... And I, well...

We had an issue. That's right... A big, bloody AWFUL issue.

I was trying to prepare that little "map" thing that I put on my blog yesterday (the Great Britain in Scale with the U.S. map thing) And my "scratch disk" was full, then my "hard-drive" was full... Then my computer refused to do ANYTHING!


So... I look at the "info" window for my hard-drive, and sure enough... I had finally filled my hard-drive. Full. 80 Gigs of space USED UP.


My Lady and I had been talking about getting a nice HUGE portable HD in order to continue doing our work... She works in Sound and Video, whilst I work basically only in Photography and Graphics, but any way you hang the fish... All of those things add up to MEGS worth of crap. The thing is... Just four days ago, we were both saying... Heck, can't afford it now... But in a year, we'll get a portable hard-drive, won't that be nice...

And here I was yesterday.... Already screwed.

So... I spent five (count them) FIVE hours taking all the photos that I've made in the past few years (not that I hadn't already burned quite a bit of my stuff onto CD about a year ago) and burning it to disc. I now have a collection of 43 or so CD-Roms FULL of nothing but photographs from the past two years.

I hate being prolific.

Anyhoo... After doing the burning... And emptying out the iPhoto Library... I now have an additional 11 Gigs of space.


Of course... Guess what happens... My cousin writes me an e-mail asking for some photos of Kisimul Castle on the Isle of Barra (our supposed "ancestral home"). If she had asked three hours earlier... I would've been able to just upload directly from iPhoto... But, due to the imps of the perverse I'm forced to go back through all of my CD-R's and try to locate the bloody Kisimul Castle photos... Typical. I found them, and put them here... Anyhoo... I did the CD-R's by date, and completely forgot what "date" I was in Barra.


Okay... Folks, bit of advice... Don't do your photo-storage CD's by date... Bloody nuisance.

Just one "newsie" style link today...

The Guardian Praises the Blogosphere As a guy who's been blogging for a little over two years... I'd like to welcome all the newbies out there... Keep it up. Here's a really COOL example of a great new blog... Neil is in Antarctica, and he's blogging, and posting photos! This is the sort of blog that I like to see. It's interesting... You learn stuff, and it's great having a person from exotic-locales to keep us all on our toes. Thanks Neil!

Okay... I'm off for the day... My Lady's making lunch, and I'm meant to get showered before I get to eat. Damn.