Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday's kinda blow.

Funny thing... I was looking over my stats, and someone checked out THIS blog when they searched for "What does Och Weel Mean?" on Google.


The meaning of Och Weel, and other weird Scottish-isms:

Och weel: "Oh well" But can carry so much more meaning than just "oh well" depending on the situation.

Y' Ken?: "You know?"

Och, ya dinnae say tha' y' ken?: loosely: "Oh, you didn't say it, did you?"

Here's an example of a conversation in the Scottish Borders (or, as my Lady calls it: the Armpit)

Man A: "Och, y' ken, Ken?"

Man B: "Aye, ken."

Man A: "Dinnae Ken, ken the kirk-man?"

Man B: "Aye, ken."

Man A: "I nae ken Ken, nae ken the kirk-man."

Man B: "Och weel."

And the translation:

Man A: "Hey, do you know Ken?"

Man B: "Yeah, I know him."

Man A: "Doesn't Ken know the church man (not necessarily a "minister" but probably is...)"

Man B: "Yeah, Ken knows him..."

Man A: "I don't know either Ken, nor the church man."

Man B: "Oh well, then why the hell are you asking me all about Ken, you stupid git."

As you can see... The "Och weel" phrase actually has quite a bit of "hidden meaning."

I'm off for now... More exciting linguistic manoeuvres later.

-- T