Friday, March 03, 2006

TGIF - I think. But it's Lent. Gah.

So, Lent. Fish on Friday. Yep. Uh, huh... Fish. My Lady and I aren't actually Catholic. (Both raised that way though) However, as we're living with the "Mother" who is still a devout Catholic... We're required (at least for the shared meal tonight) to do the "fish thing" on the Lentan Fridays. Okay... My answer:

Salmon in a tomato/cream sauce with really huge shrimp (prawns) over linguine. Muahahahahaha. I am a very good cook. My Lady, and my Mother are both very lucky I'm here. Anyhoo...

Okay... So right before I came back from the UK, there was a big hullaballoo about a bank robbery in Belfast, N. Ireland. It was a huge heist... And supposedly there was NO WAY a group could've done it, unless it was tied into the IRA. Of course, this went really far towards derailing the shared government in N. Ireland... And the fuck-head Rev. Ian Paisley (head of the proddie-unionists) had a field day. Everyone just KNEW it was the IRA... Only a para-military group as trained as the IRA could've done it... See... "Those bloody heathen-papists just don't want peace..." Blah... Blah... Blah...

Oh... Wait a minute... New "Largest Bank Heist in Britain" and... They're not Irish? Really?

Um... Oh... Well... Okay, the tactics were the same in Tonbridge as they were in N. Ireland... But... But... Well.

Maybe the IRA's in Kent too. I guess you never know...

Damn Unionists. Sorry... Just really cheeses me off... If it's in N. Ireland... It's got to be the papists. If it's in Kent... Well, um... guess we don't know. Please.

Okay... So Georgy-pordgie "W" knew about the levies in New Orleans before the Hurricane hit. And three days after the storm was quoted as saying: "No one could've known." Ha! I just think it's great... If you have a fast connection, make sure you click on the video link, and hear what Bushie heard... This is just priceless. It's so much fun to see the administration falling apart. It really is. It renews my faith in Karma.

Oscar nominated actress is not appreciated by her old high school. HA! Weird ass Christians. Any OTHER high school in the States would be naming the bloody school auditorium after a famous person like Williams when she gets ahead. Man.

Speaking of Brokeback (and on a happier note)... City Pages Blotter beat me to it, and that cheeses me off... I've had this link ready for a week! Darn it. Well... If you haven't seen/heard these before Angry Alien Productions do these "famous films in 30 seconds, featuring Bunnies." And the newest and my current favourite goes to Brokeback Bunnies.

Cheers and puppies, readers...