Saturday, February 25, 2006

What a day yesterday...

Hi gentle readers... How are you all doing? I want to thank those that made comments on yesterday's blog... You all made me a bit emotional... It was really fun, this morning, to read the comments.

Well... This is from a few days ago... But it's a photo of Fi working on her computer in "A Fine Grind" coffee shop (our personal favourite place, in St. Paul).

I just sorta like that photo. It really shows our "current life" in it's entirety. We basically are stapled to our computers... Either working on our personal web-sites, or job-searching... Or communicating with all of you folks!

Anyhoo... Breaking with our normal boring "computerised" lives... We went out to the "club" last night. The "Turf Club." There was a CD-release party last night. Two really good bands... Two not so good bands, and a bit too much beer... Then I introduced My Lady to the wonders of a 24-hour diner... After the club closed down at 2:00am. We went to Mickey's diner, and had a marvellous breakfast at 3:30am. We finally hit the sack at 4:30 or so...

So, a great night. Now... It's Saturday... I'm a wee bit rough from the beer... And am going to go get some food.


Have a good one, folks.

-- T