Monday, February 20, 2006

You know... Sometimes you just want to get...


But you don't.

But man... I really could've used a good "session" last night. I had a few drinks, but just not enough to get completely arsed!


Och weel... Perhaps it's for the best.

Today My Lady and I left Memnon behind:

Memnon, bereft and lonely, in the back-garden

And went down to the park to do some skating... And in the interest of being silly... I'm including TWO photos, one of My Lady yelling something, and one of me almost falling over doing some weird "disco" thing:

Currently, my Lady and I are in our favourite coffee shop... I've been playing with the blog-layout thinggy again, and am about to go get to work on the website... Whilst Fiona applies for a job back in the UK.

Interesting, no?


But at least the coffee is hot, and strong... And the music that's being piped over the shop's sound-system is an interesting mix of neo-punk-emo stuff, and light Jazz.

Don't ask me.

I'm off... Wish Fi and I luck as we apply for more and more jobs that will undoubtedly ignore us. Oh... Before I go... Cheers and BIG Thanks to three people whom have been supportive in sending "job-ops" when they've been found... Thanks Dors and Joann and my friend in Italy, Brett.

Thanks to the REST of my readers for their happy thoughts, and supportive comments... And, in the case of Abi... Commiseration!

Smiles and Kittens.