Saturday, February 11, 2006

A facsinating conundrum:

Okay... More about this "Muslim Outrage against the Danish Cartoons."

If you're a bit more bored than I am about this topic, feel free to skip today's blog entry. I hope you won't. 'Cause I found an interesting conflict found in the past two day's news.

• David Brooks of the New York Times wrote a "commentary" piece about the current state of affairs in the Muslim protests. Now... Usually, since he's the "conservative" guy on the NY Times columnists' office... I don't agree with him AT all. I just hate the fact that the guy tends to ignore Bush's complete incompetence and play's the "cheerleader" to the current despotic administration ruling America. However... He really did hit on a topic that I found TRUE, and I'm not sure if I feel very comfortable about that... However:

"We (the West) believe in progress and in personal growth. By swimming in this flurry of perspectives, by facing unpleasant facts, we try to come closer and closer to understanding.

But you have a different way. When I say you, I don't mean you Muslims. I don't mean you genuine Islamic scholars and learners. I mean you Islamists. I mean you young men who were well educated in the West, but who have retreated in disgust from the inconclusiveness and chaos of our conversation. You've retreated from the agora into an exaggerated version of Muslim purity."

Read the entire column here: David Brooks New York Times: How vast is the chasm between West, Islamists. And seriously... Read the whole thing. It's actually well written, balanced, and fair. It points the finger NOT at the Muslims and true believers of Islam, but at the hate-mongering fundamentalists that seem to have a vast control over their more main-stream voices of Islam.

• Here's an example of why I'm getting more and more CHEESED OFF about the protests: Islam-West divide 'grows deeper'. A quote from the article is this:

"Long live Islam. Destroy Denmark. Destroy Israel. Destroy George Bush. Destroy America," protesters shouted as they marched to the Danish embassy in the rain from a nearby mosque.

Let's break this protest down, shall we?

"Long Live Islam!" Okay... Good. I like that. You're proud of your faith, and you want it to continue. I get that. Good for you.

"... Denmark" Hmm... This one's a bit fuzzy. So... A newspaper prints some cartoons, and you want to destroy the ENTIRE NATION because of that? Seems a bit strong, to me.

"... Israel" Um... Now... What does THAT have to do with the cartoons? Hmm? I mean, really... This seems to be a whole DIFFERENT kettle of fish that you're dragging into your protest. What did Israel have to do with the cartoons exactly?

... George Bush Ah... Again. How did MY president piss you off? I mean... Okay... Iraq, I get it. I'm not too happy with him for bringing my country to Iraq either. However... As a believer in Democracy, as opposed to DESTROYING someone... I'm just waiting till the next elections, when hopefully we replace his administration. You know... Using LAW. That weird tricky little thing that every society exists upon? Even your OWN... Law. Due process? Heard of that? And again... My president had NOTHING to do with your cartoon problem. So piss off. "W" is a bit of a twit... And I'm not fond of his administration, but you saying crap like that? Well... Even this liberal-tree-hugger takes a bit of offence. 'K?

... America Now just HOLD ON A FRICKING MINUTE! America has nothing to do with your current protest either. Nothing. Our newspapers were not silly enough to reprint these awful cartoons! Okay? We didn't print them. Our Muslim citizens are not treated like the Muslims in Europe. We actually ARE a melting pot, and our citizens all seem to get along fine... So you just FUCK RIGHT OFF there. Man.

Jeez... These "protests" are pure examples of fundamentalists getting control of crowds, and using them as a platform for more of their hate speech. Mohammed (peace be upon him) forgive your people, for they know not what they do.

• Finally... The coup de grace. (Feel free to use "Bug Me Not" for this one)In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War. So... We of the West are touting our "free-speech" and all of that... And yet... In "small town" America... We have people banning plays like "Grease" because it violates our "Christianity" in some way?

So what's the "fascinating conundrum" of which I titled this blog entry?

Fundamentalism. On BOTH sides of the cultural divide exist. And as main-stream citizens... It's time we started standing UP to the fundamentalists, both Christian and Muslim, and tell them to shut the hell up, and STOP speaking for ME.

Alright... Thanks for actually finishing reading. I LOVE your comments!