Monday, February 06, 2006


Where are all the BLOODY JOBS in this "BOUNTIFUL ECONOMY?"


I ask you?



Other note... I KNEW the Steelers would win. I just KNEW it. And no... I didn't watch the frigging game. Who cares about American Football?

Not me. Sorry... But just don't give a rats-arse.

Smiles though.

[Edit: 4:55pm CST - Feb, 6, 2006]

Two photos... I had to make a head-shot of My Lady for a job application. (Don't ask me... They only hire "pretty" people?) Anyhoo... Since she had to do one, and we had the studio set up for it... She made one of me too... Thought we'd be cute and put them up here.

Ain't she cute!

Aren't I NOT so?