Thursday, February 02, 2006

I admit... Yesterday, I took a day off.

Man, was I a MESS yesterday.

Grandfather of all hangovers. Gah. Man.

I'm okay today, though... Thank all the gods.

Anyhoo... It's been a "news-trolling" day today, and I just can't resist.

• I've been reading about the Muslim protests' of Euro-papers and products from Denmark, and you all have to check this out: "More European papers defy Muslim Protests." I made a comment on the BBC "Talking Points" about this, but was limited to 500 characters. Look... Free-speech is a democratic right. Removing "free-speech" 'cause it damages your sensibilities is not something that we should allow to happen. Islam and democracy do not seem to go hand in hand. Either you're a free-government or not. Muslims... You get to choose. That's what freedom is all about. Boycott if you wish, that's your right. But do not think for a fucking SECOND that I agree with your 3000 year-old Sharia bull shit. I find it fascinating that the people who seem to have the biggest problem with a paper printing a few cartoons of Muhammad are the same people who seem to find stoning a woman for adultery to be an appropriate response.

In search of a clear view of Bush. An interesting viewpoint... I guess. Weird fucker.

• I read This analysis of "Google" and really couldn't figure out where the guy was going. Seriously... It's the most VAGUE "analysis" I've read in a long, bloody, time.

REALLY????? Shee-it.

• Yet another "litigious society" example from TechDirt. I mean... Jaysus Christ-ay. Turn down the bloody volume!

• Has our marvellous president been giving away neato ideas to Greece? Hmm...

Okay... That's about it.

By the way... By looking at my Stats... I see that there's a LOT o' people that read my blog daily. Here's a BIG thank you for your "reading support" of my meanderings. However... Commenting on my blog makes me REALLY happy... So if you're visiting from various and sundry places all over the globe (according to my little "Cluster-map" thinggy on lower right column of this blog) I'd love to hear from you! I mean... I got a person from some strange country next to Australia. What the ? That's just cool! Please feel free to comment... Or even just say "Hi" or something.