Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday, and it's a nice quiet day.

Seriously... Mother's upstairs watching the "Magnificent Seven" and Fi's in her studio doing more "art-related" stuff... And I've had time just to peruse the internet. Love it. Drinking too much coffee, smoking a few too many fags, and having the puppy being asleep at my feet. It's a great time.

Anyhoo.... I looked for the link to a story that I read like 10 days ago, but I couldn't remember WHERE I read it, and thus, couldn't find the link... However... The story was great. It was something like:

A young Asian-American female was arrested for indecent exposure during a rally.

That was it, or something even LESS fact-full of a story... Can't really remember. But I was thinking... DAMN, why wasn't I at this rally?

Then... Reading the City Pages on-line this week, I came across a Mike Mossdale View-Finder.

It was HER?

And I find myself STILL wishing I were at the rally. There's nothing like scantily-clad women to make a guy's day.

Speaking of which... My Lady, the other night, had on this GREAT um... And there was lace... And um... Velvet "up to the elbow" gloves... And um....

Okay, I'm not going to write about that, I guess... Still...

Va Va Voom!

I am a very lucky man...

Thank the gods... I am a very lucky man.

On a sombre note... 20 years ago, the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster occurred.

You know how people always seem to "define their lives" by something they saw on T.V. as a kid? Sputnik or the Kennedy Assasination or now for younger folk... 9/11.

I remember being in seventh grade (um, 13ish) and seeing the Challenger disaster on T.V. LIVE in the Library at Oak Grove Jr. High. It really DID change things for me. I was always a big LOVER of the space program as a kid. I mean, who wasn't, at my age... We had the space shuttle! How cool was that? And then, suddenly... The disaster happened, and it all became so real to this kid... I mean... People died trying to explore space. It made the "magic" of the space program go away, and it taught me a valuable human lesson. People DIE for these things. Our search for new frontiers has always been dangerous, and people have been dying for thousands of years, in search of broader horizons. It's scary... It's sad... But it's also wonderful. My wishes of peace, and my thoughts go to the families of these brave pioneers that gave their lives for us, the whole human race. Thank you.

Okay... On that rather depressing note... I'm off. I love you all, have a good 'un readers... And think about it... There's so much that all of us can offer the planet. Start thinking about what YOU do. Do you "do" anything to better the planet? Or do you sit around grousing about "how horrible" everything is, without giving thought to how you may make it better? I think about these things. I really do. Perhaps I should do more. What can I do? I don't know yet... But I know I HAVE to do something more. All of us should!


-- Tuckmac