Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You know...

I think I'm going to quit.

Quit all of this shite.

Fuck my bloody government.

They don't want my wife here? In fact... They don't want ME here, as the guards to our country asked My Lady, "Why don't your husband and you just stay over in Britain, and make it easy on everyone?"

Now they've returned our application for My Lady's visa... And said it was sent to the wrong place. I saw the law-books, my lawyer showed them to me proving that we DID send them to the right place... And then... They secretly removed items FROM the packet, saying that they'd sent everything back to us... All, I think, to trick us into sending an INCOMPLETE file of application to the government.

Luckily, the lawyer checked over everything before sending it, and discovering this small problem.

I mean, FUCK! What the FUCK?

England is looking really fucking good right now. My Lady is tired of this... I know that I am tired of this... Everything is shite.


I hate this fucking country's freaking stance on immigrants! Why can't my wife just live here with her husband like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ALLOWS ON THE FUCKING PLANET????????


-- T