Friday, January 27, 2006

So... It's Friday again.

What did I do today, so far?

Made a colour wheel for Fiona, for her "painting studies" that she's doing.

How? Well... With Photoshop, of course.

I used to have my computer-design students make a colour wheel as one of their introductory projects to the colour-theory section of the class. They usually would be pretty good at manipulating Photoshop by the time we made this. There's lots of steps involved with Layers and Channels, and Transforming, Wand and other selection tools as well as "mixing" colour on the computer. It's a good refresher for manipulation etc...


The drama continues with our "Application for a Marriage Visa" through the U.S. Government. Now even our Immigration Attorney is confused. He's "Thinking" about the options. Man. It's not going well. I mean... I've heard all sorts of stories, but I was sincerely hoping we wouldn't be an "interesting case study" and it seems as though My Lady and I are bound to be written down in the case-book. I HATE being interesting!


Anyhoo... Not lot's to say, which is why I didn't update tomorrow... More of me on the computer... More of My Lady in her studio, more of Memnon, the puppy... Being a nut-ball. Same ol' same ol'.

So... I'll let you go. Just know that both My Lady and I continue to fight for our right to live together in my country... And we're not giving up... And though we look to "both sides" of the pond as a "stop-gap" plan... We're still hopeful, and keep on plugging away at my recalcitrant government.

Please, continue the prayers, happy thoughts... And magick!

Love to you all!

-- Tucker